FACE OF BENDEL INSURANCE: Philip Shaibu’s Long-Distance Love in Victory Over ASO Chlef

Even miles away from Nigeria on his annual leave, the Deputy Governor’s heart remains closer to home as he passionately tuned in to watch Bendel Insurance’s continental sojourn begin at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium. Sporting the vibrant yellow colour of the Benin Arsenal, Shaibu demonstrated his unswerving support for the team.

Philip Shaibu’s dedication and love for Bendel Insurance knows no boundaries, and his virtual presence was felt as strongly as if he were right there at the stadium. His commitment mirrors the relentless efforts that have propelled the team to its current glory.

In a match that was crackled with tension, it was Bendel Insurance’s striker, Imade Osarenkhoe, who electrified the crowd. With a strike that cut through the suspense in the 42nd minute, he sent the fans into a wild frenzy of jubilation. The roars of approval echoed through the 12,000-capacity stadium, overflowing with supporters who had come to witness history in the making.

In the end, it’s not just a win on the scoreboard, but a testament to the commitment of the Deputy Governor and the fans who filled the stands. Their collective dedication and passion have contributed to Bendel Insurance’s triumph, proving that even miles away, the heart beats true for the Benin Arsenal.

Writing on his Facebook page, shaibu congratulated the boys for the win and commended their push against a highly rated ASO Chlef.

“Adaaaaaaaa BENDEL!”

“With a grateful heart to God, I’m happy to see our dear Warriors excel today in the match against ASO Chlef.”

“It wasn’t an easy encounter with the Algerian Cup winners, but our boys showed resilience and proved that they are not pushovers.”

“Watching from the screen, I was excited and celebrated Imade (The Black Bullet’s) Osarenkhoe’s goal in the 41st minute of the game.”

“We have only won the battle, not the war, so I will be there to support you for the second leg of next week.”

“Go for the victory next week, guys, go and do the Great Edo Proud.”

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